B2B Marketplace for Agriculture
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B2B Marketplace for Agriculture

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B2B markets for agriculture can offer you a multitude of different avenues to both buy and sell.

Using the internet to value add for a company like Zagro who have been doing business transactions offline and through real life connections.

We have been playing with the idea of a B2B Market place like Alibaba. With the different electronic B2B Marketplace model for us to adopt, we believe Zagro will present to you our own e-commerce marketplace in the next couple of years.

More and more netizens are increasingly turning to eCommerce to procure essential items, moving away from physical stores with the touch of a screen. While farmers are generally of an older generation, they prefer going to physical stores to make agriculture purchases. However, the current economic and market pressure have been pushing farmers to go online for better deals.

The possibilities are endless with the internet. Many B2B markets for agriculture are a trading platform for both buyers and sellers to match with each other. It provides a platform for buyers and sellers to reach out to each other from different parts of the world which would not exist without the B2B Marketplace. The connection opportunities are boundless; it allows agriculture business to find new prospects, new customers and new suppliers.

As technology and the ability to connect with individuals and companies continue to evolve and grow, so does the opportunity to leverage marketplaces within a specific industry to the advantage of your business.

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