Plant Growth Regulators

Zagro manufactures, distributes, and supplies plant growth regulators capable of enhancing flowering and improving fruit setting. Zagro’s plant growth regulators are available in different formulations, including foliar spray-on, tablet, soluble liquid, or suspension concentrate. Formulated to boost plant nutrition, these products can be used in various crops such as pot-grown ornamentals, grass seed crops, flower crops, beans, bananas, potatoes, maize, rice, flax and fruit trees like mangoes and durian. Ethephon, a plant growth regulator available in soluble liquid, is used to promote the pre-harvest and to accelerate the post-harvest ripening of fruits. Zagro also produces Paclobutrazol, which is a plant growth retardant that can inhibit vegetative growth, enhances flow, and enhances fruit setting when used on fruit trees. Contact Zagro to learn more about its full range of plant growth regulator products for sale.

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