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Exploring Orecim As Potential Cures For Gut Diseases and diarrhea Among Piglets

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The widespread proliferation of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) has been well-documented among farm animals and is considered to be widely used by farmers worldwide as a form of immediate cures against various common illnesses among farm animals. One of these diseases is gut-related infections, especially among adolescent piglets whose digestive systems are yet to be fully developed. While AGPs are immediate solutions, they have been receiving lots of global regulatory backlash, particularly because of the public health concerns surrounding the rapid mutations of antimicrobial-resistant bacterial pathogens present in both humans and animals.


Why are AGPs seen as harmful to piglets’ gut health?

The antimicrobial-resistant bacterial pathogens are particularly of concern when AGPs are applied to adolescent piglets which already have a whole host of inherent health issues due to their immature organs, including the presence of bacterial pathogens. Moreover, their gut health also needs to be closely watched for any signs of diseases that could potentially lead to future costly health problems if left untreated.


How can Zagro’s Orecim be seen as a cure for piglets’ gut problems?

Zagro’s Orecim products contain a synergistic mix of Oregranum vulgare and Cinnamon cassia mixture. They belong to a class of essential oils that were proven by various scientific studies in treating gut-related issues. In one of the studies, it was shown that essential oils like Oregano were found to have a greater effect against gram-positive (G+) than gram-negative (G-) bacterial pathogens because the entrance of hydrophobic compounds through the lipopolysaccharide structures of G bacteria are limited due to their outer membrane coating the cell wall (Varra, 1992).


The piglets’ guts are generally considered to be sterile prior to birth. However, with the increasing use of commercial feed, their diets are somewhat “contaminated” with harmful toxins, thus resulting in colonizing microbes being formed and mutate into highly diverse microbiota with varying microbial composition among different gut compartments.


So, with all these studies that point to the benefits of the adoption of essential oils like Oregano and cinnamon including the widespread bans in the use of AGPs, you might question on why aren’t farmers increasingly adopt the use of these essential oils as alternative forms of diets for their farm animals, especially piglets, whose rate of growth will eventually determine the profitability outcomes of farms. Well! There are no simple answers to that cos farmers’ needs and wants to differ, and if there were no outright laws that outlaw the use of AGPs in many jurisdictions, they (the farmers) will maximize its usage either because of its relatively cheaper, and more importantly a quick and easy solution to get rid of gut-related issues among farm animals immediately as the farm’s overall profitability levels are very much dependent on how fast the turnover is from the piglets’ production (birth) to the eventual slaughtering stages.

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