An agrisolutions company catering to partners and clients worldwide, Zagro manufactures and distributes an extensive range of systemic and non-systemic insecticides, depending on the formulation of the product.

Available in soluble powder, emulsifiable concentrate, soluble liquid concentrate, wettable powder, emulsion, or oil in water, Zagro’s insecticide products are manufactured in our facility awarded with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000. These can be used target pests in numerous application sites such as warehouses, farm houses, factories, garbage dumps, parks, and households. Products include Fipronil, Chlorpyrifos, Cypermethrin, Lufenuron and Imidacloprid.

Zagro’s range of insecticides is most effective when dosage and application recommendations are followed. Browse our online insecticide catalogue, or learn more about potential partnership.

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We are continuously looking for Distributors in:
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