Customer Testimonials


LitterPro Testimonial

LitterPro, is a blend of different strain of beneficial microorganisms which are capable of reducing ammonia gas production in Broiler Farms. This natural action of beneficial microorganisms prevents respiratory and any ammonia-related problems within the farm. It has significantly enabled farmers to maintain dry litter in poultry farms.



Zagro Products Testimonial

Testimonial from a Farm Manager in Sri Lanka. Zagro products have been used by Breeder Farmers for more than 15 years. Zagro is a Trusted brand among Breeder Farmers, and we are pleased to serve our customers with a long-lasting relationship.



Eureka Gold® Testimonial

One of our Australian farmers shared how they use EUREKA GOLD® for their sheep shearing program. Eureka Gold® is an APVMA-approved spray-on for sheep, ideal for rotating off other Lousicides containing Imidacloprid, Abamectin and Spinosad.



Amilyte Testimonial

Kenneth Mwansa from Westgate Pharmacy in Zambia talks about Amilyte and how it promotes growth in layers and chickens.



Amilyte Testimonial

Faraja Nyoni from Mwasonge Farm in Tanzania shares how she used Amilyte in her poultry farm.


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