Animal Health

Zagro is a global agrisolutions company that provides a wide range of nutritional solutions for livestock, poultry, aquatic and zoo animals bred in diverse environments. Being a premix manufacturer, Zagro caters specifically to your animals’ needs with customized formulations developed by our team of qualified veterinarians and nutritionists.

As an animal health care products manufacturer, Zagro also offers a wide range of probiotics fortified with enzymes which are marketed all over the world under the Zagro brand. Zagro’s range of aquaculture nutritional products aims to improve the defense systems of fish and shrimp against stressful conditions thereby enhancing their growth, rate of development and survival.

Zagro’s animal health products are further divided into two categories—animal nutrition and animal protection.

Animal Nutrition

As a premix manufacturer, Zagro supports the individual needs of different animals hence we customize the formulation that’s carefully developed by our team of dedicated veterinarians and nutritionists. Its series of probiotics and enzymes products have altogether gained popularity all over the world. These products are known to improve overall animal health and farmers’ output as they are perfect replacement for antibiotics growth promoters.

For aquatic animals, Zagro’s specialty formulations will improve the defense systems of fish and shrimps against stressful conditions thereby advancing productivity and enabling farmers to meet the ever-growing market demands.

Animal Protection

Zagro markets a complete range of protection products covering a broad spectrum of animal diseases. The company has appointed professional veterinarians who are readily available (locally / regionally) to provide technical support and offer creative agrisolutions to any farming problem.

Zagro’s ectoparasiticides, Neocidol® and Steladone®, are well-sought after by farmers all over the world. Together with the company’s biosecurity products, farmers can be well-assured that their animals are enjoying a clean and healthy environment.

Zagro’s ISO 22000 and GMP certificate plant manufactures and formulates wide range of animal protection products like anticoccidials, antibiotics and ectoparasiticides for the treatment and protection of animals against disease outbreaks and improvement of overall being of the animals. Zagro’s range of animal protection products includes special probiotic formulations that stabilize gastrointestinal functions of animals and organic acids that aids in the balance of the gut microflora of the animals. Zagro also manufactures a range of biosecurity products for treatment of animal housing and other disinfecting purposes.

Browse our range of animal health products online or enquire about our custom formulations of animal feeds, supplements, and other products.

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