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July 2021

Zagro introduces solutions for Soya Alternatives in poultry diet


On 29th July 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session and was livestreamed on facebook.

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June 2021

Chicks’ overall survivability starts from Day One (Webinar)


On 09th June 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session. The session had 160+ registered participants from various countries.

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May 2021

Heprosol for Poultry Liver Health (Webinar)


On 27th May 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session. One of the key highlights of the training webinar was an introduction to Zagro’s most highly touted anti-stress products including Amilyte and Heprosol which are commonly used to minimise the occurrence of dehydration and liver-related stresse

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Zagro introduce solutions to minimise build-up of ammonia levels in farms


On 19th May 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session. The session had 900+ registered participants from more than 20 countries.

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April 2021

Preventing African Swine Fever (ASF) infection and spread


On the 30th April 2021, Zagro conducted a Zoom Webinar session in collaboration with Ultravetis East Africa. The topics discussed were African Swine Fever (ASF) update and piglet nutrition (feeding and management).

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How to prevent and control poultry diseases?


Zagro’s has been conducted webinar collaboration with Ultravetis East Africa and Kenchic Kenya for Biosecurity refers to measures aimed at preventing the introduction and/or spread of harmful organisms (e.g. viruses, bacteria, etc.) to animals.

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2021 WAYER FEI Three Day Event


Zagro Australia was proud to support the 2021 WAYER FEI Three Day Event held over the Easter weekend in Perth at the State Equestrian Centre.

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March 2021



With a commitment to continue to contribute positively to the development of the livestock industry in Indonesia, on March 26, 2021, Zagro together with PT SHS International (which is a distributor of Amilyte, Amoxy-50 and Zagrosol) held a webinar on the topic: How to Overcome Production Disruptions

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January 2021

Zagro Bravo and Zagro T-Buzz Product Demonstation (Uganda)


Zagro’s Ugandan sales representative, Lydia Mants, gathered representatives from the Nakatembe Coffee Producer Organisation, the Coffee Farmers’ Alliance, and a group of coffee plantation farmers to demonstrate two of Zagro’s bestselling crop protection products.

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Calpozag and Zagrosol B-complex Webinar by PT Zagro Indonesia


PT Zagro Indonesia together with PT Agroveta Husada Dharma, which is a distributor of Calpozag and Zagrosol B-complex, held a webinar on January 27, 2021.

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