Liquid Supplement for Growth Enhancement

In recent years, researchers have made significant advances in understanding the importance of vitamin adequacy to sound animal nutrition. Vitamins are involved in all the biological functions that allow an animal to use energy and protein for maintenance, growth and development. Optimum vitamin allowances vary with operations’ production goals and with other factors that influence the vitamin requirements of animals under commercial production conditions.

Aside from optimum vitamin nutrition, protein synthesis is also an indispensable process in the animal growth enhancement. And for protein to be synthesized, the required essential and non-essential amino acids must be present at the site of synthesis. Combinations of these amino acids provide different types of proteins like muscle protein, milk protein, digestive enzymes, antibodies, hemoglobin, keratin etc. Hence, insufficient levels of amino acids prevent the synthesis of various proteins needed by the animals for growth and development.

Many circumstances like environmental stress, disease incidence, nutrient loss from feed manufacturing processes and the likes affect the nutrient such as vitamins and protein availability to animals thus directly affecting growth and leading to poor animal performance. To compensate these loss, effective water supplement are required. Zagro being committed in providing solutions to the needs of farm animals designed a product that will increase both vitamins and amino acids availability to animals.

Zagrosol Aminogen is a concentrated oral liquid supplement containing fat soluble and waters soluble vitamins and all type of essential amino acids. It is an economical source of daily vitamins and amino acids to improve growth and feed efficiency of the animals. It is intended to boost animal performance and help optimize growth of the animals even while on stressful condition. Zagrosol Aminogens’ vitamins and amino acids are from a highly bioavailable and stable source therefore ensuring efficient nutrient absorption and utilization.


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