Product Code: 11.N1.3400
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Product Name : Greenstim

Category of Use : Stress Reducer

Fertilizer Grade : Glycine Betaine Concentration (Percent) : 97%

Formulation : Aqueous Suspension (AS)


Directions For Use:

Crops Rate Timing of application
Tomato 2 kg/ha dissolved in 200-500 L water or 3 kg/ha dissolved in 600-1000 L water

Early to mid flowering stage

Potato 2 kg/ha dissolved in 200-400 L of water At the beginning of tuber initiation
Eggplant 2 kg/ha dissolved in 200-500 L of water.

 Early to mid flowering stage

Fruit trees 5-7, 5 kg/ha. use 10-20 L of the spray solution per one tree to ensure the perfect coverage of the leaf area

At early to full flowering stage

Cotton  3 kg/ha dissolved in 200-500 L of water  At the beginning of flowering
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