Zagcal Oral

Liquid dietary supplement to help improve the milk yield of dairy cows

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In Dairy cattle Calcium (Ca) is essential mineral for optimum milk production and growth rate and Phosphorus (P) plays a vital role in almost all metabolic reactions and energy transfers within the body. Phosphorus must be provided in adequate amounts for optimal growth rates, feed efficiency, milk production, and reproductive efficiency. Key vitamins of D3 and B12 are important role for Ca and P metabolism, gene regulation, Nucleic and amino acid metabolism.

Most of dairy cows experience a shortage of glucose and negative energy balance (NEB) due to copious milk secretion which is not matched by nutrient intake. In order to increase the supply of Carbohydrates (glucose) and improve the metabolic status, by acting as a substance for gluconeogenesis, in Dairy Cow diets - lysine and methionine are the most common limiting amino acids because common feeds like corn, corn silage and soybean meal are relative low in these amino acids compared to the quantities needed for milk production. Supplementation of Met or Lys significantly increased Met or Lys concentration in arterial plasma, increase milk production, milk protein yield, and Nitrogen utilization efficiency.

Zagcal Oral are successful formulation of liquid dietary Supplement for better Bio-available form of Calcium, Phosphorus, Key Vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates for improve the milk yield in dairy cattle.


Clear - Pink to cherry red liquid


  • Helps to enhance milk production
  • Superior Growth, Strong Bones, Better Health
  • Support to improve the feed and reproductive efficiency
  • Assist to increase metabolism process and enhance production of energy
  • Effectively prevents calcium phosphorus deficiency

Dosage and Administration

100mL per cattle per day.


  • For Veterinary Use Only.
  • Shake well before Use.


  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid direct heat and sunlight.
  • Store away from toxic chemicals.


Zagcal Oral is packed in 1 L, 5 L and 20 L container.

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