Zee Bind -The Best Stand-Out Pellet Binder from Zagro
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Zee Bind -The Best Stand-Out Pellet Binder from Zagro

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On 18th July, 2022, Mr. Philip Ong Magdaherin, together with his team, have successfully conducted a group-wide product information webinar entitled “Livestock and Aqua Feeds Pellet Binder”

During the webinar, Mr. Ong gave an introduction of the various different pellet binders, the key important properties that a good-quality pellet binder must come with, the various types of pellet binders such as organic binders, natural-obtain binders, and synthetic binders.

What makes Zee Bind a stand-out pellet binder? Simple! Zee Bind is sourced from high quality Polymethylol Carbamide with a combination of catalyzing and anti-caking properties.

Moreover, Zee Bind’s other key stand-out properties include its high pellet durability and pellet quality, its high effectiveness at low inclusion rates, has minimal impact on the feed nutrients’ quality, provides lubrication on the pellet die, and reduces the occurrence of fine dust, thus delivers cost savings benefits during the feed reprocessing.

The webinar has also attracted a lot of interest among Zagro’s regional staff members, and several interesting questions were posed. Mr. Ong and his team have taken their best efforts in addressing the questions patiently, diligently and with utmost professionalism.

Zagro has been global leader in the agricultural field, and has always been focused on constant innovation, and environment perseveration. Zee Bind is one of the many products that has been thoroughly researched by our product specialists, and is one of the many products among Zagro’s diverse range of agricultural products that has proven to be environmentally sustainable. At Zagro, we are always committed on delivering top-notch, high-quality products for our global customers.


Zee Bind -The Best Pellet Binder Brought To You By Zagro

Zee Bind

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