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Emergence of Avian Influenza and why Biosecurity matters

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By now, all if not most of you would have endured two years of Covid-19 pandemic and are now starting to get weary listening to it. But guess what, there are more respiratory-related outbreaks occurring worldwide! Yes, we are talking about avian influenza (AI). Ah! That one! Yup! But there are good news and bad news on this latest AI story. Good news are no deaths, and cross infections to humans have been reported so far, at least, for the country of Israel. But listen up! AI is still a potentially contagious disease, especially for us human beings, and everyone should be mindful about what’s happening, and continue to undertake the usual best practices on basic personal hygiene and health safety measures.

For the farmers out there, what better way to ring in the new year by tightening up your biosecurity measures, and what better way to start now with our Zagro’s Ultraxide.

With over 6 decades of agricultural industry experiences, we are familiar with developing the latest and best-in-class disinfectants like our Zagro’s Ultraxide for you and as part of your farm’s overall biosafety measures. It is exactly the right disinfectant product to use to counter any potential emergence of AI in your farms and is also the right product to utilise during such AI outbreaks where the constant application of biosafety measures should be every farmer’s top priority, and even more so now.

Why choose our Zagro’s Ultraxide product:

  • An effective deterrent against bacteria, mycoplasma, fungi and virus including Avian influenza virus.
  • No environmental residues, non-corrosive and with extremely low toxicity level.
  • Suitable in all disinfecting systems.
  • Safe for human usage and minimal impacts even on farm animals.


As AI continues to take a toll on farms worldwide, including the latest news on Bulgarian farms culling over 39,000 poultry due to an AI outbreak over there, it is even more pressing to pay attention on the importance of biosecurity and the use of the right disinfectant products like our Zagro’s Ultraxide product that is trusted by farms all over the world.

Don’t wait anymore, protect your flock now with a reliable and proven disinfectant against AI. Get our Zagro’s Ultraxide product now!

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