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How is DUSK™ able to benefit my farm business

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As a farm-oriented firm for over six decades, we, at Zagro, understand that you, as a farm business owner, are being constantly pitched by the various agronomists, technical specialists, and the farm sales team on their range of snail and slug baits being their respective company’s best solutions in deterring the growth of snail and slug populations. Therefore, in the interests of your precious time as a businessperson, we do not want to bore you with so many technical details.

Instead, we would like to take a minute or two out of your reading time to take a closer look at the major differences between our in-house signature product called DUSK™ and the rest of the chemical product types in a simple table format.

Product Type DUSK™ Product 1 Product 2 Product 3
Active Ingredients Ferric ethylene tetraacetate sodium salt (FeEDTA-Na) Metaldehyde (CH₃CHO)₄ Methiocarb (C11H15NO2S) Iron(III) phosphate
Toxicity Levels (LD50 Rats) 5,000 227 – 690 60 – 100 2000
Bait Type Core-based granules Pellets Pellets Pellets
Manufactured Method Coating Technology Extruder Process Extruder Process Extruder Process
Kill Rate (%) 80 – 100% 50 – 80% 60 – 80% 80 – 95%
Effectiveness Excellent Good Very Good Very Good
Environment Friendly (Yes/No) Yes No No Yes


Key differences between Core-based granules and Extruder Pellets

Core-based granules Extruder Pellets
An active ingredient is applied onto the external granule to provide for the maximum kill rate of snails and slugs The manufactured bait is spread across an infestation area but is less impactful due to the size mismatches of the bait and the pests (snails and slugs).
The active ingredient applied is designed to achieve total elimination of snails and slugs with a single bait. As the bait comes in large chunks, snails and slugs are not able to consume, thus losing the bait’s effectiveness.
The bait can be applied using regular spreaders. Large and specialised equipment is needed, but it costs more naturally.
Quality of kill versus Quantity of kill. Long-term effectiveness is what farmers care. Low effectiveness, along with high costs, and minimal long-term impacts might not justify the shift towards the adoption of extruder pellets.


Why should I go for DUSK™

  1. DUSK™ is organic and environmentally friendly snail and slug bait.
  2. DUSK™ does not pose any significant human health risks.
  3. DUSK™ is effective in eradicating snails and predators while not posing any significant health risks to ourselves, pets, and other snail and slug predators.
  4. Easy to apply without any significant concerns on possible water and/or soil contamination.


Still have questions/doubts or are keen to know more about Zagro’s DUSK™ products, do not wait. Please feel free to contact any one of our Zagro’s product specialists and they are standing by to address your concerns.


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