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Market Opportunities for Organic-based molluscicides in Europe

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Abundant Market Opportunities for Organic-based molluscicides in Europe

According to a study done by Mordor Intelligence, metaldehyde, touted as one of the most used common snail and slug baits by most farmers, occupies a majority share of the molluscicides market in Europe, ahead of methiocarb, niclosamide, and ferric phosphate. In fact, according to the Mordor Intelligence report, metaldehyde is used as one of the active ingredients in molluscicides, which is then formulated by several European suppliers into granular bait pellets that are later made available through a variety of local and regional trade names. 

In fact, according to the same report, for the European market specifically, metaldehyde is commonly used by arable farmers to protect crops such as cereals, oilseed rape, and potatoes. The effective control of mollusks (snails, slugs, and other gastropods) is one of the top concerns among farmers as the potential losses without the application of metaldehyde, could potentially result in higher losses. This is already evidenced in the United Kingdom, when in Spring 2020, the British government started nationwide specific ban on ‘outside use’ of metaldehyde, the report estimated that the losses incurred by British farmers were at US$110 million per annum in crop production.


Potential opportunities for Zagro’s DUSK™ snail bait granules 

While the European market for molluscicides is dominated by new and existing market players, but there is still one missing link and that is most of them do not have any significant market shares in the iron-chelate granule types of snail and slug baits.

The market void for more effective molluscicides presents opportunities for Zagro’s DUSK™ as the product is organic, effective, and environmentally friendly. The DUSK™ satisfies most of the needs of the environmental conscious consumers which are now starting to grow as they become more aware of the consequences of climate changes on Mother Earth, and to adopt “green” forms of gardening or garden care in general.

In fact, in order to illustrate the product effectiveness for Zagro’s DUSK™ snail and slug bait, this is evidenced by the kill rate which is in the range of 80 – 100 per cent, as compared to other types of molluscicides products. The detailed comparisons can be found on our previous posts found on the Zagro website


Convinced on trying out Zagro’s DUSK™ snail and slug baits yet?

Are you keen to test out Zagro’s DUSK™ snail and slug baits in your farms? Do you have additional concerns especially the product’s water resistance against harsh weather conditions, take the next steps now by picking up the phone, email or simply chat with one of Zagro’s product specialists online who are standing by to answer your questions on the DUSK™ product range, and other product-related queries.


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