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Zagro’s chicken layer products Eases Egg Shortages

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With global egg shortages set to persist globally due to war and other logistical issues, it is inevitable that countries like Malaysia has to resort to importing eggs from India as quoted from this recent The Straits Times article where one of the districts in India called Namakkal district in Tamil Nadu, is set to thrive as global egg demand rises. 

Zagro is proud to have been able to support layer farmers in Namakkal, India. Namakkal is considered as the egg basket of India as it produces more than 90% of table eggs in Inida. What is more, India is considered to be in the top 3 egg exporting country in the world.

Zagro, with its 70 over plus years of agriculture experiences, is no stranger to dealing with global shortages that are triggered by unexpected demands, be it war, famine, or any other crisis. This is why Zagro is equipped with the right products tailored to ensure the well-being of the farm animals are not compromised. 

Indeed, Zagro’s diversified range animal nutrition supplements, vitamins, minerals, including its best-selling Zagrosol range formulations are widely used by farmers globally, including the egg farmers who are looking for nutritional solutions to ensure that the farm animals, and poultry populations’ overall health conditions are not compromised. For example, Zagro’s Zagrosol range of product consists of a targeted concoction filled with vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids used for promoting growth, health and the productivity, including the layer chickens who have to toil for hours in order to produce the much sought after eggs for consumption purposes. 

What’s more, Zagro has all the animal nutrition and protection products that you can find in one place. Please feel free to explore and tell us what you need to ensure that your farm animals’ health is well taken care of, and the farm environment is conducive for them to thrive.

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