Increase Egg Production Efficiency in Laying Hen
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Increase Egg Production Efficiency in Laying Hen

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Are you facing problems related to poultry egg production?

Are you wondering why there’s a sudden drop in egg production in your laying hen? Or why your Birds are not laying eggs yet?

Before wondering how you can get your birds to lay eggs again or how to increase egg production in commercial layers, it’s best to understand why there’s a decrease in yield in the first place.

Behavioural, environmental, nutritional and stress factors can cause fluctuations in the rate of egg production. All these factors are controllable, and understanding thesefactors can help resolve egg production issues.

Zagro’s range of products for the protection and nutritional solution of poultry address the common reasons that affect egg production of poultry layer.

Factors Affecting Egg Production of Layers

Here are the most common factors and the Zagro products that can be used to avoid reduced egg production.(Scroll down below to view the range of products that can address specific issues.)

1. Molting phase

Chickens typically stop laying eggs during their molting phase. When chickens are losing their feathers and re-growing them, take this time to help build up their nutrient reserves. Even when they are not laying eggs, it’s important to support chickens through the molting cycle by providing them a high-quality diet.

Product/s to use: Amilyte or Zagrosol Aminogen

2. Broody hen

A broody hen is a hen that is waiting for its eggs to hatch. In attempt to hatch its eggs, it would sit all day on top of its eggs, even ones that it has stolen. In some instances, some broody hens sit around even when there are no eggs to sit on, refusing to eat or to lay eggs. Egg laying chicken breeds can remain broody for around 21 days, which is the typical time it takes to hatch an egg. It’s best to stop the hens from this cycle as soon as possible. Scientists haves managed to minimize this character from the modern breeds. 

Product/s to use: Zagrosol AD3E

3. Aging

On average, hens lay their first eggs around 18 weeks of age, and well-fed modern-day chicken can produce up to 360 eggs per cycle. Peak production is usually between 24 to 44 weeks of age, as egg production rate could be above 90% during this period. Typically, laying hens’ egg production is commercially viable until they are 70-80 weeks of age. Production rate can continue beyond 80 weeks of age, but it’s no longer commercially viable due to the rapid decrease in eggs produced and increased mortality.

To aid proper egg production of laying hens, it’s necessary to manage the flock efficiently and effectively with good nutrition and management practices. Without proper management, peak production and commercially viable egg production period may end earlier. 

Product/s to use: ZeggBooster or Amilyte

4. Egg eating behaviour

Some chickens engage in egg eating behaviour if their calcium levels are low, and there are times when they just accidentally discover the habit. This needs to be stopped quickly as other hens may start to follow if they see other hens doing it. Watch out for this behaviour when you see broken egg shells in your poultry housing.

Product/s to use: Potafos Range (Potafos 18%, Potafos 21%, Potafos 22%) and Zagcal Oral

5. Fluctuations in Weather (Heat stress)

Slightest deviation in temperature can affect egg production, and extreme changes in weather can greatly affect chickens.When the weather approaches the colder months, the days are shorter which affects egg production, while in the summer months, it’s heat stress that can lead to significant health and welfare problems. The optimal temperature for egg laying range from 65° F to 75°F(18° C to 24° C).

Products to use: Betazag

6. Overcrowding

Overcrowding of layer houses is another common reason why hens might stop laying eggs. Keeping too many chickens in a small area can cause stress in chicken which will result to reduced egg production.

Product/s to use: ZeggBooster or Amilyte or Anasol

7. Ammonia related issue (Ventilation)

Exposure to ammonia has a huge impact on the quality of life and productivity of chickens. Lack of proper ventilation in chicken coops can lead to increased levels of ammonia, which causes psychological changes in layers, which can affect their egg laying habits. To prevent increased ammonia levels, ventilate coops and remove dirty litter regularly.

Product/s to use: Litterpro

8. Stress

Ultimately, a stress-free chicken is the one that lays the greatest number of eggs. However, a lot of factors cause stress in chickens, including cabin fever, toxins, diet, raising chicks and laying eggs, and the factors already mentioned above, such as changing weather, predators, and more. Identifying the cause of stress is important, just as much as providing them with supplements to fight off stress.

Produc/ts to use: Nilstress or Zagrosol B-lyte

9. Illnesses and diseases

When there’s a decrease in egg production, one of the first things to consider is the possibility of an illness or disease. Chickens can hide their diseases, so it is imperative to carry out medical check-ups to monitor for poultry diseases.

Product/s to use:

To prevent GUT diseases: Zacid Liquid, Gut Bio

To boost recovery: Amilyte, Zagrosol Aminogen, Zeggbooster

For improve the Immunity: Zagrosol ES

Farm Hygiene &Bio security: Ultraxide

10. Poor Nutrition

Farms that use low quality feeds face poor poultry nutrition problems more often, leading to reduced or poor-quality egg production. To maximize egg yield, use good quality feeds and supplements for your poultry.

Product/s to use: Zeggbooster

11. Overfeeding

Similarto underfeeding, overfeeding of hens can also affect egg yield. Chickens requires a set number of protein, and too much of it can diminish egg production of layer chickens. While chickens naturally stop eating when they are full or they have consumed enough, it’s still not wise to provide your brood more feed than necessary.

Product/s to use: Heprosol

Zagro Products to Help Increase Egg Production in Layers

Backed by decades of experience and research, Zagro’s range of products for poultry addresses the difficulties poultry farmers face when it comes to egg production.

Below are the products that can help improve the egg yield of layers and prevent reduced production.

1. Amilyte– A water soluble powder that has a formulation of vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids. Used as a supplement to promote growth and health in poultry, it can improve fertility, egg production and hatchability in poultry layers.

2. Anasol – A water soluble powder composed of vitamins and electrolytes used to address stress factors, such as weather change, vaccination, transportation, and more, and to prevent the occurrence of secondary diseases or infections.

3. Betazag – An anti-heat stress relieving and mentholated oral solution for administration via drinking water that helps combat the effect of heat stress and aid the restoration of lost body fluids.

4. Heprosol - Composed of different lipotropic compounds, Heprosol is an oral liquid supplement used to prevent fatty liver syndrome and to maximise animal performance.

5. Gut Bio– A synbiotic water soluble powderthat is composed of multi species of beneficial microbes and Prebiotics compounds. It aids in maintaining a healthy gut that leads to better absorption, digestion, and performance.

6. Litterpro – An ammonia binder capable of reducing ammonia gas production within a farm. With its blend of different strain of beneficial microorganisms, it prevents respiratory and ammonia-related problems.

7. Nilstress – A water soluble supplement powder containing vitamins and electrolytes that addresses heat stress typically brought high temperature under tropical condition.

8. Potafos (Potafos 18%, Potafos 21%, Potafos 22%) - The general brand of Zagro’scalcium and phosphate range of source. Calcium &Phosphorus is essential to poultry diet, as the formation of bones depends on this nutrient. It is one of the main components to manage deficiency of calcium and phosphorous in poultry diet. It is essential in proper development of egg shell quality.

9. Ultraxide™ - A high performance disinfectant formulated with active ingredients of Glutaraldehyde and Benzalkonium chloride. In combination these two actives are highly effective across a broad range of micro organisms making Ultraxide™ a highly effective broad spectrum disinfectant for sanitising sheds, animal facilities and general farming equipment.

10. Zacid Liquid - A liquid blend of organic acids, specifically formic, propionic, lactic and citric acid, that stabilizes intestinal microflora and reduces bacterial load in drinking water, and provides a combined action for total gut acidification.

11. Zagcal Oral - The liquid supplement of calcium & phosphate, Key vitamin,amino acid for improving the egg shell quality

12.Zagrosol Aminogen- An oral liquid supplementscontaining concentrated fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, and amino acids. Used in stress-related farm conditions, such as temperature changes and diseases, it is used as a supplement to maintain healthy level of amino acids and vitamins.

13. Zagrosol AD3E- A balanced formulation of fat-soluble vitamins formulated to prevent and treat vitamin deficiencies. Supplementation of vitamin A, D3 and E via drinking water will effectively improve the availability of these nutrients especially during the time of stress and disease. Vitamin A improve reproductive performance and Vitamin D3 is good for bone formation and strengthens egg shell formation. Vitamin E is also required for normal egg production and fertility both for layers and poultry breeders.

14. Zagrosol B-Lyte – An oral liquid supplement with a unique blend of concentrated B-Complex vitamin and Electrolytes. It is used to boost poultry health and performance under extreme weather conditions.

15. Zagrosol ES - A concentrated liquid vitamin E with Selenium combination. These two nutrients complement each other to improve birds immune system and minimize stress during disease challenging condition and peak laying periods 

16. ZeggBooster - A water soluble powder with a combination of water-soluble vitamins, amino acids and probiotics in the form of Lactobacillus sp. ZeggBooster, an egg booster for layers, is used to help laying chickens to overcome and prevent stress during peak production periods.

For more information on how to boost egg production in layers or questions about Zagro’s range of poultry nutrition and protection products, email or send a Whatsapp message to +65 9653 1942.

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