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January 1970

Maximise your Farm’s Profitability through Effective Disinfection Solutions


On 14th October 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session on the topic of “Effective Disinfection to Maximise Profitability”.

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Zagro India’s Dr. Ram discusses topics on strengthening immunity systems of poultry animals


On 1st October 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session on the topic of “Lateral Immunity in Commercial Poultry”.

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Zagro’s solutions on combating Stresses and Diseases in Poultry Farms


On 20th August 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar on the topic of “Stress and Disease Management in Poultry Farms”.

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Improving Biosecurity and Use of Probiotics in the Farm


On 13th August 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session that discussed about managing biohazards in farms and ensuring that the quality levels layer eggs are well maintained.

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Zagro introduces solutions for Soya Alternatives in poultry diet


On 29th July 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session and was livestreamed on facebook.

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Chicks’ overall survivability starts from Day One (Webinar)


On 09th June 2021, Zagro hosted a Zoom webinar session. The session had 160+ registered participants from various countries.

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Zagro Bravo and Zagro T-Buzz Product Demonstation (Uganda)


Zagro’s Ugandan sales representative, Lydia Mants, gathered representatives from the Nakatembe Coffee Producer Organisation, the Coffee Farmers’ Alliance, and a group of coffee plantation farmers to demonstrate two of Zagro’s bestselling crop protection products.

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Calpozag and Zagrosol B-complex Webinar by PT Zagro Indonesia


PT Zagro Indonesia together with PT Agroveta Husada Dharma, which is a distributor of Calpozag and Zagrosol B-complex, held a webinar on January 27, 2021.

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Zagro Corporation aids Department of Agriculture-CALABARZON in Mango Rehabilitation Program


ZAGRO Corp Technical Services Manager, Mr. Godofredo Peralta, served as the main resource speaker at the recently held training session entitled “Training on Technology Demonstration of Existing Mango Trees through Rehabilitation in CALABARZON” organized by the Department of Agriculture (DA).

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WA Bio-Security and Animal Health Update


Zagro organized a biosecurity update seminar at Muresk Agricultural College in Western Australia, attended by farmers, students, researchers, and more.

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